5 Characters Who Made Bad First Impressions

When I tell people I was homeschooled, they often ask if I was shy or antisocial as a child. When I tell people I’m a geek, they ask if I have a job and still live in my parents’ basement. When I tell them I’m Southern, they ask why I don’t have a strong accent.

When people assume things about me, they often get a first impression that isn’t accurate. It frustrates me because they’ve attributed characteristics to me within the first few minutes, and I have to fight to counter a negative first impression when I shouldn’t have to. I feel hurt when people think they know me from a few stereotypes they heard through the grapevine.

But I’m guilty of doing this too, with people I meet and with fictional characters. Sometimes I make up my mind about them before I give them a chance. Here are five characters I didn’t like at first, but changed my mind about later. For some of them, I grew to like them as they changed and adapted; for others, I started to like them because I understood them better.

What characters would you add to this list?

“GOLLUM =D” by speedportraits (speedportraits.deviantart.com).

1. Gollum (The Lord of the Rings)

When I first saw Gollum in the movies as a child, I was terrified of him. I wasn’t sure of what to make of this “gangly creature.” He was an odd schizophrenic who seemed bent on doing anything, including murder, to get back the Ring. But as I learned more about his character and understood his addiction, watched his development I realized, like Frodo did, that he really is a creature to be pitied, not feared.

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2. Sokka (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

I saw this show on its debut night as a kid and thought to myself, “Here we go, another stupid sarcastic character on Nickelodeon.” But over time I grew to see that Sokka wasn’t just a sarcastic meat-lover, but he cared deeply about his sister and had a knack for strategy.

“Iron Man” by Chasing Artwork (chasingartwork.deviantart.com).

3. Tony Stark (Iron Man)

I thought Tony Stark was a complete jerk. But when I learned more about his tumultuous childhood, saw him change after becoming Iron Man, and watched him try to protect the world from danger, I appreciated Tony.

Wallpaper from Catching Fire.

4. Finnick Odair (The Hunger Games)

When this darling of the Capitol introduced himself to Katniss by offering her a sugar cube, he seemed like an arrogant pretty boy, but as I came to know about his love for Annie and his dedication to liberate Panem; that endeared me to him.

“RWBY – Weiss Wallpaper” by UnknownChase

5. Weiss Schnee (RWBY)

The first words she said to Ruby made her sound like a spoiled brat. But she turned out to be so much more than that and though she has her haughty moments, Weiss genuinely cares for her team.

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