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2017 Fall TV Shows Recommended by Geeks

The Tick, Season 1 — Premiered on August 25, 2017

(Recommended by Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry)

A major departure from the 1990’s cartoon, but including some of the comic book storylines, Arthur’s original character has been replaced with an even more nervous young man who’s battling mental illness after watching his father die at the hands of The Terror. The Tick has randomly shown up in The City, and doesn’t remember who he is—he just knows he’s a superhero destined to defeat villains with Arthur at his side.

Star Trek: Discovery, Season 1 — Premiered on September 24, 2017

(Recommended by Sheela Cox)

Discovery hits all the necessary points for a Star Trek story with a shiny new ship, re-designed Klingons, a diverse cast, and cool special effects. The setting takes place ten years before the original Star Trek series and is set up to unpack the legendary Klingon War. I was hooked the moment I saw the new ship glide overhead and heard that wonderfully nostalgic music swell in the background. The cast has impressed me as they present well-rounded characters that I care about. The two female protagonists come across as strong role models with human weaknesses. Sarek (Spock’s father) makes an appearance that draws a nice connection for fans of the original series.

The Gifted, Season 1 — Premieres October 2, 2017

(Recommended by Kyle Rudge)

An upcoming series based on Marvel’s X-Men, I’m excited that both Blink and Polaris show up in the trailers. Two parents take their family on the run when their children develop mutant abilities. [Insert a witty pun about The Gifted being a gift for me.]

Supergirl, Season 3 – Premiers October 9, 2017

(Recommended by Kyla Neufeld)

It looks like Kara Danvers is fully embracing her role as Supergirl in Season 3 of Supergirl. When we left her at the end of Season 2, she had just lost her boyfriend, Mon-El, after sacrificing him to save the world from an alien invasion. With Mon-El lost in space, Kara must learn to face life without him while, at the same time, dealing with this season’s new Kryptonian villain, Reign.

Lena Luther is back as a series regular, just in time for her to get into some trouble. And we’ll also see more of Hank Henshaw (the Martian Manhunter), Winn Schott, James Olson, fan favourite Cat Grant, and Kara’s sister Alex.

RWBY, Volume 5 — Premieres October 14, 2017

(Recommended by Caitlin Eha)

When last we left our heroes, Team RNJR (or JNRR, depending on who you ask) finally succeeded in reaching Mistral. Weiss and Yang set out on quests of their own, and Blake decided to reclaim the White Fang. While full of its own adventures, Volume Four felt like a set up for this upcoming season, an attempt to reassemble the world that was broken apart in Volume Three. There are many ways the new season of RWBY could go, but personally I’m hoping for a reunion of the RWBY team, more showdowns with Salem’s gang, a few Renora moments, and—dare I hope—that all my favorite characters make it through alive.

March Comes in Like a Lion, Season 2 — Premieres October 14, 2017

(Recommended by Charles Sadnick)

Rei is a prodigy at shogi, a Japanese variant of chess. He’s also lonely, isolated, and full of pain inflicted upon him by the deaths of his parents and sister. The new episodes are sure to revisit much of the first season’s contemplative exploration of loss and depression, but also the warmth of Rei’s burgeoning relationships with the Kawamoto sisters—my favorite part of the series—and the excitement of Rei’s march toward defining his potential as a shogi player while facing his family’s demons. Here’s hoping that season two brings better explanations of the shogi matches and a little more lightness in a series that’s otherwise been completely captivating.

Star Wars Rebels, Season 4 — Premieres October 15, 2017

(Recommended by Allison Barron)

The fourth and final season of the latest animated show in the Star Wars universe, Ezra and the crew of the Ghost have a lot on their plates with Admiral Thrawn hot on their tails. It looks like we’re going to see a lot more of Mandalore in this season, as well as some giant wolves and x-wing battles that I’m particularly excited about. Is it too much to hope we’ll see Ahsoka again?

Stranger Things, Season 2 — Premieres October 27, 2017

(Recommended by Dustin Schellenberg)

With its sepia colours and 80s setting, Stranger Things is less a taste of nostalgia and more a 5 course nostalgic meal-athon prepared by Bobby Flay, Anthony Bourdain and Susser Lee (I also love cooking shows). Like the first season, watching this show after midnight is probably a bad idea. I don’t usually like scary things, but when a show walks the thin line between horror and sci-fi, telling a mystery I have to solve even if I if the answer is worse than I fear, I’m in.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir season 2 coming to Netflix fall 2017

(Recommended by Alex Mellen)

The end of season 1 of Miraculous Ladybug (as it’s commonly called) left a lot of questions unanswered. Where are the rest of the kwami, the animal-themed sprites of legend that grant their keepers superpowers? What dastardly plans does the evil Hawk Moth have in store? And most importantly, will Ladybug and Cat Noir ever figure out that their alter egos are classmates and crushes? (Insert extreme suspension of disbelief here.)

The French-made kids’ show has attracted a collection of adult fans, artists, and cosplayers. Season 2 is rumoured to hit Netflix sometime this fall, with theories on plot and characters abounding. The characters make this show fun, and I’m hoping to see their roles expand as they uncover new secrets.

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