10 Top Dogs from Fandom

"Running Wolf Link" | Art by ElementalSpirits. Used with permission.
There’s something special about faithful, furry companions in our favourite stories. And how do we make a top ten list when there are so many wonderful canines in geek culture? Let the fans decide! We ran daily “Dog Days of Summer” matchups over August on our Facebook page to make the following countdown.

10. Cosmo

Marvel’s spacedog is a liaison to the Guardians of the Galaxy, helping them plan their wild adventures. Former test animal of the Soviet Space Program and current head of security in a city called Knowhere, the talking dog hides the city’s citizens in a dimensional envelope on his collar during the events of Nova comics. Plus, he’s telekinetic and telepathic; as long as his psionic blast isn’t directed at you, you couldn’t ask for a more protective friend.

“That does it. That enough. No more Mr. Nice Dog. Now Cosmo will hurt everyone.” —Cosmo

9. Wolf Link

All right, all right, he’s not technically a dog, especially since he’s a human in disguise, but we still want him as our best friend. Playable in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Wolf Link can also be summoned in Breath of the Wild as a companion for Link.

Wolf Link is summoned from another plane of existence and can’t be seen by other people in this world.” —Breath of the Wild Loading Screen Tip

8. Gromit

Wallace’s loveable companion in the Wallace and Gromit movies, Gromit was originally going to be voiced by Peter Hawkins, but that idea was dropped when creators realized how expressive he could be just from his eye movements. Gromit is skeptical of Wallace’s inventions and tends to do most of the work for his bumbling friend. He also reads books, listens to Bach, and is great at solving puzzles.

Er, Gromit, old pal? It happened again. I’ll need assistance.” —Wallace, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

7. Zwei

It’s not every day you find a dog that happily fits into a small package along with enough food to last him months. He’s also apparently fireproof and incredibly tough, as seen when he destroys an Atlesian Paladin-290 in “No Brakes.” His name is possibly a reference to Cowboy Bebop‘s Ein, also a Welsh Corgi. Eins is the German word for “one” and Zwei means “two.”

“Are you telling me that this mangy… drooling… mutt… is going to wiv with us foweva?” —Weiss

6. Underdog

As long as you don’t mind him speaking in rhyming couplets and phone booths exploding after he changes into his superhero outfit,  Underdog seems like a handy canine to have around. Able to move planets and fly, among many other superpowers, there doesn’t seem to be much he can’t do.

“There is no need to fear; Underdog is here!”

5. Snowy

Tintin’s companion, Snowy sometimes struggles making th

e right decision when bones or Loch Lomond whisky are on the line. He originally had a dry, cynical personality to balance Tintin’s positivity, but eventually morphed into light-hearted comic relief.

“Tintin! Are you dead? Say yes or no, but answer me!” —Snowy, Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

4. K-9

First appearing with the Fourth Doctor in “The Invisible Enemy,” K-9 is known for his ability to beat the Doctor at chess and as Sarah Jane Smith’s companion. Apparently, the writers originally wanted to name him “Pluto” after the Disney character, but Disney refused permission. They also considered calling him FIDO (“Phenomenal Indication Data Observation”).

“Affirmative!” —K-9

3. Huan

Given to Celegorm, Feanor’s third son, Huan is as large as a small horse and has special powers granted by the Valar. He took pity on Luthien when she was captured and helped her escape, assisting her in killing Sauron’s werewolves and even winning a battle against Sauron’s wolf-form. A prophesy stated Huan could only be killed by the greatest wolf that ever lived.

“Arise! Away! / Put on thy cloak! Before the day / comes over Nargothrond we fly / to Northern perils, thou and I.” —Huan, “The Lays of Bereriand, The Lay Leithian”

2. Padfoot

Sirius’s wit, intelligence, and loyalty (though maybe not his fleas) make him an excellent companion. Though not actually a dog, having Padfoot along to guard against werewolves is never a bad idea.

“Mr. Padfoot would like to register his astonishment that an idiot like that ever became a professor.” —The Marauder’s Map, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

1. Wishbone

If you want to learn about the classics, what better way to do so than through a dog’s colourful interpretation? Also, we’re shocked to learn that Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester from Supernatural) appeared on television for the first time in this series.

“I know I sound really rude and arrogant, but I’m really just the nicest guy! Is this the part where you shut the door in my face? Yes it is.” —Wishbone

There are many dogs who deserve honourable mentions, including Fallout’s Dogmeat, Dresden File‘s Mouse, Fullmetal Alchemist’s Alexander, Hong Kong Phooey, and more! Who are your top 10 favourite canines of geek culture? Tell us in the comments!

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