10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Watch The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens wallpaper.

The Force Awakens comes out on DVD this month! Should you be excited about it? Nah. Here’s why not.

1. Who needs strong female role models like Rey, anyway?

2. That warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia when you see the Millenium Falcon again isn’t worth beans.

3. We want a villain exactly like Darth Vader. Kylo Ren is too different.

4. John Williams did the score. Blech.

5. Chewbacca is still impossible to understand.

6. Luke should have just updated his Spacebook profile with his location.

7. They gave us a cute, voiceless droid instead of Jar Jar. It’s like they didn’t learn their lesson from the prequels.

8. Who cares that Han Solo even came back? Can’t we write any new characters these days?

9. Too many cool action scenes. Needed more politics.

10. You might as well just watch how it should have ended where Han vaccinates Kylo with midichlorians.

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