10 reasons to hate The 100

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The 100 is a show riddled with plot holes, and drives us crazy. BUT for some reason, we can’t look away, and are still watching into its second season. Whether it’s just the stupid decisions the characters make, or science that doesn’t even try to make sense, here are some of the things that make us yell at the TV as we’re watching.

1. They send real-time life sign trackers to kids’ wrists and send them down to the planet to find out if it’s habitable—couldn’t they have sent a probe to do the same thing?

2. They call it “The Hundred” instead of “The One Hundred.” Apparently, we’ve been saying it wrong.

3. Unnecessary exposition. “Hey, that’s the girl they found under the floor!”

4. When someone explodes in a minefield, the group freak out and scamper away randomly further into the minefield.

5. Radiation permeates every cell of the body. A blood transfusion fixes this?

6. Anya dies. Only Joss Whedon has the right to kill our favourite characters.

7. Reavers… crazy, violent people who have lost their humanity. Again, who are you? Joss Whedon?

8. How does acid fog not permeate the tents you obviously bought at Wal-Mart?

9. The grounder word for blood is “juice”?

10. The grounders have developed an entire language, but it’s only been a few generations. AND they all speak English too?

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