10 Geeky Television Easter Eggs You May Have Missed

I love it when a show I enjoy references another show I love, or does something clever and self-aware. My favourite might be #3, because I was the most surprised and delighted by it (plus, I only watched Castle because Nathan Fillion). But here are some references you may have missed.

1. Firefly

A figure of Han Solo in carbonite shows up in the background of various scenes on the Serenity. Just because.

2. Andromeda

Kevin Sorbo pulls out a blonde wig and sword from his locker in Andromeda, looks at it for a second, then puts it back.

3. Castle

Nathan Fillion’s character, Richard Castle, dresses us up as a “space cowboy” in Castle.

4. Doctor Who

When the tenth Doctor has a gas mask on, he references the first season’s “Empty Child” episode by saying, “Are you my mummy?” As if we needed reminders of the horrors in that episode.

5. Community

When “Beetlejuice” is said for the third time ever in Community, he shows up in the background.

6. Futurama

Though he’s not introduced until much later, Nibbler’s shadow can be seen in “Space Pilot 3000,” and is later revealed to be responsible for Fry falling into the cryogenic chamber.

7. Chuck

In “Chuck vs. The Third Dimension,” the letters “IG-88” is the name of a grenade, a reference to an bounty hunter droid in Star Wars. This is not the only Star Wars reference in Chuck, of course.

8. The Flash

A character on The Flash who has ice powers is named Elsa. When people are already going to be making the connection, you might as well just roll with it.

9. Fringe

Each episode included a subtle clue for the next episode, such as an the pilot, where an image of a pen and rose in a newspaper points to the murderer, Mr. Penrose, in the next episode. Only Olivia Dunhman, however, could crack codes like these.

10. Heroes

George Takei’s character in Heroes has a limousine with the license plate NCC-1701, a reference to Star Trek’s Enterprise.

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