Pokémon Go to the Eighties

Screenshot of Jigglypuff.
There is a certain segment of the Earth’s population that is entirely incapable of hearing, seeing or experiencing any random thing without relating it to a completely unrelated cultural reference. For those individuals (many of whom are probably Generation X-ers), I offer to you Pokémon Go characters worked into the titles of five eighties and nineties songs. Can you guess the originals?

1. We Don’t Need Another Spearow
“We don’t need another Spearow, we don’t need another Fearow, all we want is one small Ditto, Pokémon Go.”

2. Caterpie
“Caterpie… on the trail to butterfree.”

3. Pik-A-Chu
“Pik-a-chu, pik-a-chu; Golly jeepers, where’d you get those creatures, Kanto? Johto? Where did you get those guys?”

4. Pop Goes the Weedle
“Pop goes the Weedle, ’cause the Weedle goes pop!”

5. Kakuna Rattata
“Kukuna rattata! They’re two common guys. Kakuna Rattata! They will make you crazed. And they will plague you all the rest of your days! They are all you see, them and Caterpie. Kakuna Rattata!”

Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry

Jennifer Schlameuss-Perry

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